Pastor Fashion

Pastor Fashion

Have a Very Dapper Dad’s Day

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Father’s Day is one of Ed Young’s favorite holidays. At Fellowship Church, We love to honor our dads and celebrate what he does day in and day out to take care of his family. No matter if you’re a dad trying to look your best or you want to find a great give for your dad, here’s some of our favorite fashionable fare:

White Jeans

Young or a little more mature, these look great on any dad. The fresh, bright denim brings a weightless look to any dress shirt or t-shirt. Remember, stay away from dark, heavy-looking shoes with this trend and a straight fit is the best choice for read more...

Denim Street Style for 2015

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Denim is a cotton fabric that’s perfect for any pastor year round (especially for a certain Creative Church Conference in February) but these are ways you should be wearing it in 2015:

The Denim Jacket – This throwback turned comeback was popular in the 80’s and an addition you must have in your closet this spring. Wear it in a light or dark wash with a white cotton lining; it’s perfect for Dallas weather or anywhere else.

The Denim Shirt – The classic denim shirt is another item that has been on trend for the last few seasons.  Add your own personal touch this spring by adding a read more...

Winter Coats You Can’t Live Without

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The new year is here and with it comes new series, new faces and an opportunity for some new fashion. And even though the freezing temperatures may last through March, have no fear; these winter coat essentials will keep you looking cool as you stay warm.

 1. The Waxed Jacket

 If you live in a wet or warmer winter climate like Texas, this is a perfect coat essential for you. This jacket looks great with a cashmere sweater in a deep tone and leather sneakers or loafers.

 2. The Top Coat

This winter option makes any man look classy. The top coat has been an essential winter read more...

A Pop of Color: Part 2

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Today we continue our "Pop of Color" series. Check out this modern twist on a classic piece that adds a subtle pop of color in a creative way.

We found this gem at Wooden Bowties. who not only creates lapel flowers, but next level wooden bow ties as well! For more inspiration, check out their Instagram at @twoguysbowties.  

A Pop Of Color

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Everyone can appreciate a great pop of color to next level your wardrobe; however, for us men, this is often an aspect of our style we overlook.

Over the next series of posts, we are going to take a look at how we can make a bold statement with just some subtle pieces that will take your style to a 'hole 'nutha level! What we'll discover is we don't have to go out and buy a bunch of pastel dress shirts, or neon-colored suits to make a statement with color. In fact, a great way to add this element can be found in some classic pieces that have been given a modern twist.  For example, read more...