Pastor Fashion

Winter Coats You Can’t Live Without

The new year is here and with it comes new series, new faces and an opportunity for some new fashion. And even though the freezing temperatures may last through March, have no fear; these winter coat essentials will keep you looking cool as you stay warm.

 1. The Waxed Jacket

 If you live in a wet or warmer winter climate like Texas, this is a perfect coat essential for you. This jacket looks great with a cashmere sweater in a deep tone and leather sneakers or loafers.

 2. The Top Coat

This winter option makes any man look classy. The top coat has been an essential winter wardrobe element for over a hundred years. The fabric of this coat is open to the wearer’s preference, but make sure it fits. It should be cut to your body type and hit directly below the knee. This coat pairs well with any look a pastor chooses, ranging from jeans to a three-piece suit.

 3. The Duffle Coat

This coat is characterized by the large toggle buttons down the front, and is great option if your city sees snow throughout the winter. This coat speaks to its military background and withstands the wear and tear of a harsher climate. Want to get a little more creative with this coat? Pick it up in a mustard yellow or deep green.

 4. The Pea Coat

The ultimate piece of rainy weather outwear looks great when you add layers and textures to make it more dynamic. Embody this essential’s Navy roots by choosing a double-breasted wool version.

 5. The Trench Coat

The classic winter essential, this coat is perfect for anywhere and anytime. Lighter-weight trench coats are a great layering piece in rainy weather and longer versions look stylish in the snow. Channel your inter Brit with this piece.

Grab your favorite fedora, ball cap or toboggan and you’re officially ready to fight off the cold with these winter essentials.