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Trivial Pursuit (Part 2 of 4)

Manswers for the Inexperienced Shopper.

Thank you to our special guest blogger Miguel Bencourte for this post! 

2. Don’t get clerked, get consulted. Like buying a car, make sure you’re taken care of by the salesperson and that he or she provides the best customer service possible. Ask questions. If the employee can’t answer some questions you have, it may be best that you continue to look further.

3. It’s true; price is determined by the quality of the garment. Prices tend to go up when you have exclusive pieces, designer labels, bespoke tailoring, or a higher thread count in your suit. Some guys may look at an expensive suit and make the mistake of saying, “I can get the same thing at H&M!!” This will show your ignorance and you will lose credibility with any consultant. It is called “the look for less” and it’s nowhere near the same. Understand the difference.

4. Let’s recap on #3. Bespoke? Bespoke means having a custom tailored garment from start to finish.  Every single detail of your provided measurements is used to construct a garment that fits only your body and specifications. When buying a suit, the tag will read Super 100’s, 120’s, 130’s, and so on. These numbers represent the total number of threads per square inch.  The higher thread count will determine the higher quality of the fabric and will give a finer hand. The garment with a higher thread count will also be more expensive. The lower thread count per square inch will not be as soft and lightweight. The price will reflect a lesser thread count also.  It’s like buying bed sheets. The better sheets will have a higher thread count. When purchasing a suit, you want to purchase a wool suit with at least a Super 100’s thread count.

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