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Trivial Pursuit (Part 4 of 4)

Manswers for the Inexperienced Shopper.

Thank you to our special guest blogger Miguel Bencourte for this post! 

9. Love your Tailor- This is your new best friend! Get to know your tailor and let your tailor get to know you. There is nothing like having someone in your corner than understands your body type and can make a garment look like it was designed exclusively for you. I would suggest finding at least two go-to tailors in your city. Someday you may need a same day rush on a garment and one shop may be too busy, you can always fall back on the other. Remember these are skilled professionals and most people take their craft for granted. I’ve noticed extra signs of generosity are greatly appreciated. You will be surprised when you get an unexpected phone call that your garment is ready early when it was scheduled the usual two week turn around.

10. Get Insurance! – Not everyone has a cedar closet. Invest in cedar hangers, cedar shoe trees, and even cedar blocks. Cedar helps prevent moths and crickets from having a feast on your wardrobe. Get a cedar hanger with a wider base. Cedar absorbs the moisture from the shoulder pad after each wear and the wider width of the hanger will keep the shape and form of the shoulder pad as it begins to dry. The same happens with shoe trees. Insert shoe trees in your shoes after each wearing. The cedar absorbs the moisture and allows your shoe to dry flat. This keeps your shoes from curling up in the front and keeps the creases from being so visible from each wear. These simple steps will help prolong the life of your garments and protect your investment.