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Trivial Pursuit (Part 3 of 4)

Manswers for the Inexperienced Shopper.

Thank you to our special guest blogger Miguel Bencourte for this post! 

6. Two or Three Button? 






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A two button suit is classic, and with the right tailored fit it gives a polished presentation and works well on anyone. The button stance is lower and, depending on the cut, most two buttons will give you more room in the armhole, increasing mobility.

The three button suit was designed for Joel Osteen! The extra button is higher and is fitted more to your chest. If buying off the rack, depending on your body type, it can complement your physique…or it can cause the lapel to buckle. Usually there is no in-between. Since the cut of the suit is higher, the armhole is also higher, which will limit your mobility depending on its cut. Don’t worry, if a three button doesn’t work out, put on a two button and see how easier it is to say, “This is my Bible….”

Four and more buttons, well, it even sounds like a value meal. Just don’t wear anything with more than three and you’ll be safe! Your suit jacket should cover your seat. However, some designer suits are cut shorter than most others. Use your discretion when fitting.

7. Pleat the Fifth.

This is an area I leave totally up to preference – pleated or flat front trousers.  Pleats are more conservative and give more room in the thigh area. However, given the room, the thigh area should never be too full. With the pleats lying flat, you should never look like you have enough room to wear thigh pads. If you find yourself looking down and your pleats are opening up, the simple fix is to pull your pants up in the front. Not too bad, right?

Flat front trousers are seen more today than before. Looking like you are wearing grandpa’s special yard trousers is no more. The flat front is more modernized with a lower waistband and the legs are more tapered.

Sometimes when buying a suit off the rack, a jacket may fit, but the trousers are way too tapered. If this problem occurs and nothing seems to work, opt for suit separates. This gives you the option of wearing the correct size jacket and choosing the correct trouser that best fits. It will also save on the tailoring fees!

8. Size is just a number.

Gentlemen, it’s not just the ladies who overreact when it comes to a waist size. We have our fair share of dramatics who refuse to get the correct size simply because of a number on a waistband. The reality is that size runs are now different with each manufacturer.  You have certain fashion houses that have garments made all over the world and not just in one factory anymore. This can have an effect on the overall fit and size. The short of it: buy FIT, not SIZE!

We’ll see you back next Tuesday for the final Trivial Pursuit post!