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Trivial Pursuit (Part 1 of 4)

Manswers for the Inexperienced Shopper.

Thank you to our special guest blogger, Miguel Bencourte! Miguel is the owner/founder of The Gentleman's Closet, an online retail, wardrobe, and image consulting firm located in Dallas,Texas.

I’ve noticed when it comes to dressing up or even putting on a suit for the first time, most men get fashion knowledge by what they see in their environment and not really ask any questions. That’s where we go wrong. Men have to stop making the mistake of wanting to look like a particular person and actually find their own style.  We are each our own individual masterpiece, create and style your own. 

The suit buying process can be as painful as pulling teeth to some guys and maybe even a foreign language to others. Here are some helpful tips that will ease the stress and give you more control of the suit buying experience.

  1. Shop smart! Buying a suit does not mean breaking the bank. Nothing is more worthy of a good eye-roll than to hear someone say, “I want your most expensive suit!” Guys that know fit and style can make a $50.00 vintage suit look like a designer piece.
  2. Don’t get clerked, get consulted. Like buying a car, make sure you’re taken care of by the salesperson and that he or she provides the best customer service possible. Ask questions. If the employee can’t answer some questions you have, it may be best that you continue to look further. 

More Tips to Come on Monday!