Pastor Fashion

2 Legit for Fit

10 Fashion Tips for the Faithful

  1. It’s all about the FIT…Don't buy your suit too big. "If you're too comfortable in a suit, it probably doesn't fit." Suits are not sweat suits
  2. No belts with suits. "It adds bulk." "You’re not Batman…get rid of the utility Belt!"
  3. Peace...You should be able to fit two fingers under your shirt collar. "If you can fit more, it's too big. If you have a long face a wear a spread collar-round face a straight collar."
  4. T-shirts should be white or gray and not overly long. You are not a Hillsong Worship Leader.
  5. Crewneck T-shirt instead of V-neck. "Classic is always Best."
  6. Never, EVER wear graphic T-shirts.
  7. When dressing down, you can't go wrong with classic straight leg unwashed denim.
  8. Always flat front pants…Never EVER wear pleated chinos.
  9. "Never have more than one button of your shirt unbuttoned unless you are Bono!"
  10. "Never wear square-toe shoes. Square toe shoes are from the Devil."

Coming next suit tips...